The Commitment to & Investment in Coaching

  • Do you own a business over 2 years old?
  • Do you worry about getting more customers?
  • Do you struggle to find the time to follow up enquiries?
  • Do you worry that you can’t put up your prices because your customers will leave?
  • Do you feel like you’re always chasing your tail?
  • Do you have sleepless nights when it is time to do PAYE or VAT?

  • Do you need help building the foundations of your business?

If you’ve answered yes (or even maybe), to any of the above and you would like to find out how you can consistently get more leads into your funnel, convert them successfully into customers and increase your profits, by working with someone who has been there and has created a successful, profitable business then let’s talk.

The benefits of working together…

If you want to grow a solid and profitable business with systems and processes in place so that you can eventually work less, earn more, improve the lives of you and your family and even sell your business then now is the time to act…

Not one, but 7 Promises from Me to You; that I can…

  1. Help you to understand what you want and what you are prepared to do to get it
  2. Work with you to create proven funnels in YOUR business which will ensure that new enquiries come in consistently, week after week, year after year.
  3. Show you how to create effective follow up marketing to turn those enquiries into customers.
  4. Help you to set realistic goals to deliver your ideal life and achieve them.
  5. Give you the confidence to implement resources step by step
  6. Enable you to understand your business’s financial position and how it can deliver your life plan
  7. Equip you to create an environment so that your team is on the same path.

Who is Jacquie Hale – and what makes her qualified to help you?

I’ve built a successful, sustainable business and have a proven track record when it comes to business strategy and growth.

As well as getting a good living, I have made it my mission to engineer myself out of the business, initially to be with my children growing up and more recently because I have become a Business Coach, dedicated to supporting businesses like yours.

In running my own business I have experience in planning and delivering over 1000 weddings and events in the last 12 years, using hands-on, practical marketing ideas and strategies, I am ready and willing to give you my support to do the same.

Jacquie with tents

So whether you own a hairdressing salon, are an IFA, have a restaurant that needs more bookings, or an opticians that needs to get new clients, even if you’ve achieved a good level of success… is now the time to increase your revenue and build an ideal life for you and your family?
If so…

“Jacquie has helped my business go from a struggling street food business coming out of lockdown to a thriving wedding caterer, if you’re thinking of taking you business to the next level I would strongly recommend giving Jackie a call. Very personable and always has the time to think about the best for your business.”

James Gilhooley, The Cornerstone Kitchen Wedding Catering

What is Your commitment and what will it cost?

Whether you simply need some accountability, guidance and help getting more customers and sales, whether you really want to grown and increase your revenue or if you are ready to properly scale up your business, there are three levels of support. Check out what is included below to see which one will best help you to achieve the sales, revenue and lifestyle you want for you and your family.


around your business numbers and goals so that you can create an ACHIEVABLE plan.

6 in-person group coaching sessions with a maximum of 12 business owners, across a 12 week period, with practical resources and templates to help you, which will kickstart your journey to your ideal life

You’ll work alongside other business owners to gain clarity and create a plan with practical and realistic help and advice from Jacquie

Business Audit

Ensuring that you take time out of your business, to reset your targets, and properly understand exactly how your business delivers your product/service right now

Business Planning

Creating a strategy and plan to enable you to implement the marketing and processes that will move your business to where you would like it to be.

WhatsApp Contact

A WhatsApp group so that Jacquie will support you and the other business owners in your group.

£1199 plus VAT for the 6 session programme

Contact Jacquie for the next start date


in understanding your finances, setting goals and implementing key marketing pillars.

24 online coaching sessions across the year with practical resources and tools, implementing the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System to get and keep more customers and increase your profits.

One-to-one time working with Jacquie on your business implementing key foundations of marketing.

Scorecard check-ins

Understand the numbers in your business and then keep a check on your numbers to ensure they’re going the right way and deal with it if they’re not.

Unlimited Critiques

Ensuring that the work you do on your marketing is as good as it possibly can be.

WhatsApp Contact

When you need some advice or support ad hoc, Jacquie will be there for you with a friendly ear within 48 hours.

‘SOS’ call

If something goes really wrong, and you’re just not sure what to do, you can call Jacquie for support and help and she will drop everything for you

£599 plus VAT per month

Minimum commitment of 6 months


Support to ramp up your growth, build your team and implement systems & processes.

24 coaching sessions across the year with 3 of them in-person at your business, implementing Masterplan™️ to use the right strategies to build your business and make it profitable and sustainable

One-to-one time working with Jacquie on your business implementing campaigns and tracking your results, support with staffing, outsourcing and business management

Partner Support

Jacquie to sit in on and support you in up to 6 meetings across the year with your key outsouyrce providers such as Marketing Companies, Google Ad specialists and accountants

Scorecard Check-ins

To check your numbers are going the right way and deal with it if they’re not.

4 Implementation sessions

Working on specific tasks, with you or your staff, that will really move your business forward together, targeting specific areas that will increase revenue.

Unlimited Critiques

Ensuring that the work you do on your marketing is as good as it possibly can be.

WhatsApp Contact

When you need some advice or support ad hoc, Jacquie will be there for you with a friendly ear within 24 hours.

‘SOS’ call

If something goes really wrong, and you’re just not sure what to do, you can call Jacquie for support and help and she will drop everything for you

£899 plus VAT per month

Minimum commitment of 9 months

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So how did I do it?

I hadn’t had Elite Tents long when I realised that I needed to find ways to ‘woo’ my customers – to make them not just love the product but love Elite Tents. I did this by implementing systems for both marketing and sales that used a range of proven marketing pillars to attract new enquiries, create prospect and customer journeys that converted those enquiries into customers and ultimately converted the customers into raving fans… and because everything is part of a process it can be replicated time and again.

Once I had done this, I realised that the system would work for pretty much any business and since Elite was then in a really great position, I could take a step back. At the start of 2020, I began my coaching business where I help business owners with a similar type of business. (e.g., caterers, photographers, hairdressers…) mainly where you are selling to the public and need a full bookings diary to do what I have done.

Over the past two years I have helped these businesses to increase their revenue, get bookings consistently AND massively increase their profits too.

Why should that matter to you and your business?

That one is kind of obvious. We all want to enjoy our business, but the truth is business is first and foremost about profit. Whether you are at the start of your business journey of have been in it for some years, there will be a lot you can learn from me and from Elite Tents, ways to achieve your goals, increase the consistency of your leads, improve your conversion rate, raise your profits and have more time for your family.

If you have been running your tipi hire business and making a modest profit you might think that you’re and if that’s the case I may not be a good fit for you… but if at the back of your mind you think you too might like to take a step back, have more holidays, or even prepare your company for sale, maybe now is the time to have a chat with me and see how what I am offering could help you to do that.

I have created a variety of coaching packages, all of which are based around getting customers and increasing your revenue and ultimately your profits.

Each package follows a similar process though you may be able to work through it more quickly or slowly spending at what stage your business is right now. The system I have implemented into Elite Tents and helped many business owners to put into their businesses cannot fail to deliver.

What is my commitment to You?

I’ll support you with all of this by having regular one to one zoom calls to train and help you create everything you need to make your business ultra-successful.

I can also help you as you learn with specific implementation sessions over and above the regular coaching here, I help you actually do the work, so if you are really struggling to implement something I can support you (or your staff) with it fully.

I will also include in the price unlimited critique sessions where I will look over your copy/ideas/marketing collateral and critique it – something I do for my clients now and has proved invaluable to them.

You will have my WhatsApp number and if you need some quick help can ask questions at any time in the week (and I will always respond within a set time – but usually much quicker!!)

It’s a systematic approach to marketing. I’ll support you as you create email templates, campaign strategies, CRM implementation, website copy, video scripts. whatever you need as well as helping you properly understand your management accounts and their relevance to day-to-day business.

It’ll only work if you are fully committed; that means you working ON your business regularly, completing the tasks we agree at each session and implementing the ideas we discuss, It’s not a magical solution that will bring success just because you sign up…

If you’re running your business as a bit of a hobby or if you’re not completely committed to growing and developing your business then this is not for you…

“Jacquie is awesome at ideas for business marketing and growth and has really helped me to not only gather my thoughts but also put into practice some fun marketing campaigns. I love spending time with her on the phone as its always inspiring!”

Cemanthe McKenzie, Lemon Feather Photography

The early years:

Elite Tents was the 6th Tipi Hire Company in England, established in 2010. As a relative of the founder of Tentipi UK (Jon Parr) who introduced the Giant Nordic Tipi into the UK in 2005, we watched with some level of jealousy how much he loved his job and how he spent time outside creating such amazing spaces for happy couples. In 2010 we started Elite Tents with 3 tipis, and we have never looked back.

When we started up Elite Tents very few people had even heard of a tipi and certainly had not considered one for their wedding. Our biggest issue then was educating people as to the possibilities they had. As a teacher with at that time, little marketing clue, I joined the Entrepreneurs Circle and immersed myself in the ways of getting and keeping customers.

As we started to grow, we also realised that as we increased the number of events we wanted to do each weekend, it was actually a very expensive business to be in. If you are committed to giving 100% satisfaction then you need contingency of everything – tents, vehicles, crew (the more you have the exponentially more problems you get!), furniture, everything.

The middle years:

By 2014 the world of tipi hire companies had boomed – suddenly there were almost 100 businesses hiring out tents like ours in England, and many of the newbies had lower overheads so were undercutting us and were proving to be tough competition.

At this point it was clear I needed to create something really special to make us stand out from all of these newer companies, and the next two years was spent creating and implementing an amazing journey for prospective couples interested in having an outdoor wedding. We also spent massive energy in ensuring that every single event we created was perfect so that gradually we gained the image of being the “go to” Tipi Hire company – certainly in Central England. And we have never swerved from this, still having 100% positive customer feedback.

We continued steadily until 2017 when we decided we really wanted to move the business forward, thinking we may wish to sell in the not-too-distant future. We stopped price matching, said no to discounts and this is when I implanted the Entrepreneurs Sales and Marketing System into the business. The EMSS is a sure-fire way of getting more leads into your business and in turn converting them to customers – I will talk about that later. As a result, by the start of 2020 Elite Tents was set for its biggest year yet, with almost 100 weddings and events booked in and almost half a million of turnover. Then the pandemic arrived.

Elite today:

We all know the story… I am not going to dwell on it… crying brides, no revenue, crew with nothing to do, cancellations as couples grabbed what they could at the time in tiny wedding celebrations. We watched sadly as some of the long established as well as some smaller companies went into administration. And whilst they did, we worked every single day on further improving our marketing, raising awareness of our brand, raising our prices and becoming a flagship tipi hire company in England.

By this point we had realised who we wanted as our customers, we knew how to target them, we had strategies to educate them so that they will only settle for the best – Elite. Those customers willing to pay for quality, expecting a higher level of service which we are fully willing and able to give.

Our core values are now recognised, we have more experience than most in the industry and have become well known… winning two awards last year alone.

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