I own an established and very successful Tipi and Marquee Hire business where there are few repeat customers. With over 12 years of experience in selling high end products, in a seasonal industry which has in recent years been flooded with new Tipi hire companies, my business has remained the market leader in its field.

As a woman in the Business World I have worked hard to find ways of ensuring that my business runs smoothly so that it not only provides amply for my family but also enables me to be around for them too.

I implemented the Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System into my business in 2017 and as a result massively increased our turnover and profits. Once I had completed the EMS System, I also worked through the Masterplan creating a team to run that business for me and completely removing myself from the day to day operations.

I’m a Business Consultant, Marketing Coach and Speaker, sharing both these amazing systems with like minded aspiring business owners who want to grow their business and their profits but make sure they still have time for themselves and their families.

My 20 year long background in teaching, means that as a coach I’m perfectly positioned to support my clients as they work through the systems and strategies that will get and keep customers, increase profits for you and your business and ultimately deliver the lifestyle you want for You and Your Family. So if like me you want more, book a discovery session today…

How can I help you?

The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System is the core of all of the business coaching that I offer, but the focus of the foundation blocks will depend on your size and sector.

business coaching

With my support you can implement the system into your business and grow your sales and profits steadily.

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