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The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System is the core of all of the business coaching that I offer, but the focus of the foundation blocks will depend on your size and sector.


With my support you can implement the system into your business and grow your sales and profits steadily.


Business Growth – Getting and Keeping Customers

The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System works brilliantly with any type of businesses, but whatever the business the owner or the employees need to be both forward thinking and want to grow their revenue.

Typically if you are a business that needs to fill your appointment book, a production company that needs to expand your customer base or an IFA who simply wants to increase their Funds under management, we can work together to assess your marketing needs and systematically improve your marketing pillars and campaigns so that your number of leads and enquiries increase. Then we will look at the best ways to qualify the leads you get and convert them to being customers that become your greatest fans.

You’ll learn ways to ensure you retain those customers, communicating with them, increasing their loyalty and creating a strong and secure list of happy clients that will stay with your business well into the future as you grow.

Whether you are business to business or business to consumer, I will show you how to put in place 10 foundation pillars of marketing and the means of tracking the success of the campaigns you create.  And when you have a marketing and sales system working in your business that predictably and consistently brings in the right flow of new customers every week, like clockwork, then owning that business is amazing.

business coaching

The fastest and most successful system of coaching is when we work together one to one, implementing a tailor made plan to grow your business. The cost of this is £499 per month, and it also takes a high level of commitment from you as the Business Owner, but it absolutely will bring massive you rewards. It is difficult for you NOT to make a massive return on that monthly investment.

To find out how one to one coaching might work for you, why not book a FREE planning session where we can spend an hour looking at your business and create the perfect plan for it. Book your appointment HERE

Alternatively if you still have a key role in the business and time is difficult to fine, you could consider group coaching where a small group like-minded business owners work through the programme together. This too can bring fantastic results for you and your business. Click the button below to see how BOOTCAMP could work for you.


Wedding Industry Lead Generation – Getting Customers YEAR ON YEAR

Having worked in the wedding and hospitality industry since 2010 I have a thorough understanding and personal experience of how hard it is to generate new customers every year.

So when I coach businesses in the wedding industry I completely understand how important it is for you to get a consistently high number of new leads all of the time. For businesses like wedding photographers, florists, caterers and bridal shops your focus is not only on keeping this season’s customers happy but attracting new customers for next season and the one afterwards.

The wedding industry is probably one of the hardest hit by the pandemic of 2020 and for many businesses has resulted in a huge loss of revenue. So ensuring that your business can gain enough new customers and revenue to grow is challenging.

But with the introduction of a systematic method of gaining brand new leads week on week you will be able to fill next season’s diary and the following one too.

Now is not the time to be pulling back on your marketing, thinking that next year’s already full with the postponed events… it is the time to put in place the pillars which will fill your books for many years’ to come.

Together we will work out your target customer, create a plan of what needs to be done, how you can do it and when, then work together to implement the plan and grow you business.

So why leave the destiny of your company, your family’s lifestyle and the income and security of all your employees to chance. The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System will ensure that you have a consistent flow of leads and enquiries in your business. To  book a time to discuss how you can fill your bookings, grow your business and increase your profits CLICK HERE to access your FREE Planning Meeting to suit you.

I also recognise that 2020 was an incredibly tough year for wedding businesses, so if your want to grow your business but need to save the pennies, then take a look at my Wedding Business Bootcamp where you can work alongside other Wedding Business Owners to create a fantastic plan for 2021 and beyond.


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From my worst year to my best year in 12 months thanks to the EC Coaching Programme.

After having had my worst ever year in business last year I was really sceptical about joining but I’m so glad I did.

Getting my own personal EC Coach has made a huge difference to my business and with four months to go, I already know that this will be my best year in business – so quite a turnaround.

I have NEVER sold this many wedding dresses in the first 7 months of the year!!!

So pleased I took the plunge…

Anna Hare, Pure Brides
We made an extra £15,000 from one call.

A few months into the coaching programme and we’ve made an additional £15,000 exclusively because of our coaches advice.

Without a doubt getting our own EC Coach is the best thing we’ve ever done for our business!

Alex Young, Stanley Villa Farm