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Screw Surviving – Lets Get Thriving!

The Big 6 Things that every business owner should be focusing on as we emerge from Lockdown 3.0.

For Britains independent business owners, now the lockdown’s over, the hard work really starts. How do you get your sales and, most importantly, your profitability, back to where it needs to be?

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What People Are Saying

There are lots of happy customers
who have implemented the EMSS

From my worst year to my best year in 12 months thanks to the EC Coaching Programme.

After having had my worst ever year in business last year I was really sceptical about joining but I’m so glad I did.

Getting my own personal EC Coach has made a huge difference to my business and with four months to go, I already know that this will be my best year in business – so quite a turnaround.

I have NEVER sold this many wedding dresses in the first 7 months of the year!!!

So pleased I took the plunge…

Anna Hare, Pure Brides
We made an extra £15,000 from one call.

A few months into the coaching programme and we’ve made an additional £15,000 exclusively because of our coaches advice.

Without a doubt getting our own EC Coach is the best thing we’ve ever done for our business!

Alex Young, Stanley Villa Farm