When you started your business as a hairdresser, an accountant, a photographer or whatever it is you do it was almost certainly because you loved DOING your job.

But the truth is the day you decided to set up on your own, your job changed from being a doer of your job to being a marketer of it. And if it didn’t then it certainly should have!

The fact is that the money your business brings in is not dependent on the product or service you offer, it is on how well you can market that product or service with the direct consequence that if you don’t market it well then you get less customers, the money doesn’t come in and that will have a direct effect on you and your family.

But how do you know what you need to do to market your business? What kind of marketing will work best for your service? And how can you get in front of the people you want as customers? Don’t get me wrong – there is a lot of information out there on how to market your business – in fact there is too much!

The problem is very real – marketing in 2020 especially in the light of the pandemic is harder than ever. It requires an understanding of a range of methods to attract customers, some of which are specialist. For most business owners this results in one of two things – either they try to do everything and find they are spread too thinly to actually crack anything properly, or they are so overwhelmed that they actually do nothing.

And that’s where I come in…

Coaching with an EC Certified Coach is like having a one to one trainer for your business. I will get to know you, assess your business needs and then together we will put together a plan. I will support you as you work through your plan, hold you accountable, and ultimately help ensure you achieve your targets.

If that sounds like something that could benefit your business, the first thing for us to do is have a chat. We will spend an hour together, either on zoom or face to face, you can tell me all about your business and we can think about where you want to take your business and more importantly HOW. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Just drop me an email or call me and let’s get a date in the diary.

Written by : Jacquie Hale


As a coach I use the same kind of method, in that I will support you as you implement a range of tried and tested marketing pillars which will definitely increase your sales leads and enquiries, ultimately gaining new customers and increased profits for you and your business.

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