If you haven’t then why not do it now. What did you find? Hopefully when you searched, your business came up..

But what I am really looking for is whether you came up at the right hand side of the page.

If you did – Congratulations – that means you have a Google My Business account. If not – then you absolutely need to ping me a reply to this email and ask for my guide to using Google My Business which will help you get it to show.

But assuming you did appear, have a look at what appeared exactly.

  • Is the address correct?
  • Is the phone number right?
  • Are your opening hours listed (including if you’ve made changes for COVID)
  • Have you got any reviews?
  • How do the photos look – if there are any…
  • Have you got any questions and answers on there?

If you have got any gaps in this at all, then why not find 10 minutes (I promise that is all it will take) to update everything.

If you do I can promise it will be worth it – firstly if there was anything missing, it means people looking for you will now have the correct details and hopefully now act on the search results and secondly, Google will ❤️ your business and show it when people are looking for what you do.

So go on – check it now – I dare you.

Written by : Jacquie Hale


As a coach I use the same kind of method, in that I will support you as you implement a range of tried and tested marketing pillars which will definitely increase your sales leads and enquiries, ultimately gaining new customers and increased profits for you and your business.

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